There’s a commercial featuring a super infectious song. I had to find out who the artist was so I could get it. A quick Google search led me to YouTube where I found the commercial and learned you can download it for free at Mt Dew’s Green Label Soundwebsite along with other songs and songs from other artists. I haven’t had time to check all of them out yet.

I think I like this song so much because it reminds me of Underworld’s Born Slippy.NUXX which is probably my favorite song on the amazing Trainspotting soundtrackwhich is from an amazing film based on an amazing book.

This is your brain on Hogs.

2 thoughts on “daylight.”

  1. You can go back through a lot of the other posts and find stuff but off the top of my head I’m going with Camera Obscura, Luna, Aimee Mann, Neko Case, Belle and Sebastian, MGMT, M. Ward and Beirut.


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