game seven.

The Pittsburgh Penguins played their hearts out last night and the Civic Arena crowd would not be denied: Game Seven. Fleury was a wall, Scuderi was an absolute defensive BEAST. What a game. (Stephen S’s “Dicky pooping on a Red Wings logo” was actually featured prominently behind coach Mike Babcock during an interview on NBC. Niiiiice!)

Crosby, being larger than life, actually extends into the sidebar. You have a problem with that?

Friday. Do it.

If you’re looking for solid recaps, you won’t find them here, I refer you to such notable Pittsburgh sports blogs as Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies or the reason Al Gore invented the internet, The Motherfucking Pensblog. In addition, I suppose you could check out “reputable” news outlets such as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This is your brain on Hogs. Let’s go Pens!

2 thoughts on “game seven.”

  1. Remember, I’m sort of a Chiefs fan…and when it comes to baseball I’m a Pirates and Royals fan. But yeah, Pittsburgh football and hockey are pretty damn good these days.

    The possibility of a Super Bowl AND Stanley Cup win in the same year makes me smile like you would not believe.


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