the bronze fonz.

From Camera Obscura’s Twitter account:
camera_obscura_Tracy had her picture taken with the Bronze Fonz. The fact there’s a Bronze Fonz is magic. Up there with the Rocky Statue that was in Philly

Bronze Fonz

This tweet, of course, reminds us all that Arthur Fonzarelli’s got an army of clones. (Fonzie’s been cloned!)

Julia Nunes has a new video. Creepy…cute, but creepy.

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of mountains & relationship ninjas, they both just sneak up on you.

My friend Jamie has been telling me I need to check out all these bands with “mountain” in the name. Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops, the bands are related as many of the same members participate in each band…I’m sort of unsure why they wouldn’t just have one band or what the difference is between pink and black, but I digress. Good music, to be sure.

I’ve been listening to Slacker Radioat work, lately, because I can get to the site through the content filter and because I can get it on my Droid for when I’m on the go. The great thing about Slacker is that I can start a station based on a band or a song and it plays similar stuff. This is sort of the same as Pandora, I’m told, but I haven’t really played around with Pandora too much. I’ve discovered stuff from bands like Devotchka, Iron and Wine, Chairlift, Stars, The Knife and Jens Lekman, whose song “Black Cab” I am currently obsessed with.

Slacker has also helped me rediscover bands I used to listen to like The Innocence Mission and Bright Eyes.

Today I got a bunch of books at the local used bookstore, The Dusty Bookshelf, known colloquially as The Dusty B. I picked up Tom Robbins’ Still Life With Woodpecker and some Sherman Alexie who is always worth a read. He’ll be on The Colbert Report the same day I’ll be watching Camera Obscura, December 1st.

Finally, through the magic of I have discovered many new (and old) artists to listen to as well as, the website of Blip DJ emilymphocyte. Lots of good stuff there, to be sure.

And that’s that for the evening. I’m going to go to my favorite local watering hole with friends who are leaving town next week. (Boo sauce.)

I leave you with this wonderful video from Chairlift and another wonderful video from The Shins, which reminds me of Kodachrome film. Not exactly sure why.

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speak with conviction.

I stole this video from my best friend Emily’s website, which she’s doing as a project for her class but is still kind of a cute site. You should check it out here if you want.

It’s a great clip of one of Taylor Mali‘s Def Poetry Jam appearance.

And here’s another one, for good measure.

In another “website of a person I know” plug, The Hour Badly Spent is a very good read and Jelani, the man holding it down at THBS gave us a shout out in his post This Is Why You Smell Fat. Good stuff over there.

Jelani, along with many other fine poets, will be reading at Auntie MaesFine Poetry Night. I’d be there for sure…except that I’ll be watching Camera Obscura in St. Louis.

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camera obscura – the blizzard

Camera Obscura’s cover of Jim Reeves’ Christmas song to be released as a single (b/w ‘Swans’) on December 7th. Wonder if they’ll have it at the show I’m going to on December 1st?

Also, found this Camera Obscura tweet from earlier today amusing, as most of their tweets are. If you’re not following them, you should be.

“Somehow managed to set beard on fire. Now have two-tone beard that smells of burnt protein. Is there a care home for people under 40? K”

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i blinked to see polite ghosts fading quickly.

This is how homework has gone for the evening: Drink coffee. Write. Waste time. Repeat. I have yet to complete one of the many tasks I had set out for myself tonight. I don’t think I’ll be getting any sleep but, on the up side, the coffee my best friend gave me is really, really good (thanks, Emily!) and I’ve got good music.

Right now, appropriately enough, I’m jamming to School of Seven Bells’ Half Asleep which is sort of how I feel right now.

If you like that, and I see no reason why you wouldn’t, you can download several other SVIIB songs (such as iamundernodisguise and Connjur) from as well as a live performance from Spinner’s Interface.

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fluent roof raises.

Nate first came to my attention when he posted his response to T-Baby’s It’s So Cold In The D which is, arguably, more amusing than than the actual video itself.

His most recent video, however, is a trip down memory lane and it made me laugh. I urge all of you to subscribe…now if you’ll excuse me, I need to price Flavor Flav clocks and Public Enemy African medallions on eBay.

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