soccer fashion.

I’m not fashionista, like my pal Loren over atmake it reign,but I’ve always sort of been someone whose fashion was inspired by soccer. It wasn’t that I played soccer longer than the typical American youth…I stopped when I was about ten or eleven…but I’ve just always thought that cut off woodland camo BDUs and blackAdidas Sambaswere always in fashion. Perhaps with a t-shirt from my favoritehardcore bandor, possibly, a jersey from your favorite nationalfootball teamwho didn’t make the World Cup.

Now that the World Cup is over, there are lots of soccer jerseys on sale at places likethe World Cup Soccer Shopsince they need to liquidate jerseys from the teams that didn’t win. I picked up aJapanjersey on sale and there are a couple of other countries I was looking at, too.

There are also World Cup editionSambasthat are on sale now.

¡Viva España! ¡Felicidades a la Furia Roja!

Esta es tu cerebro con Hogs…y fútbol.

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