fat tuesday – bacon overload.

My wonderful friend Blake suggested a Fat Tuesday get together of Epic Mealtime proportion.

Obviously, I had a moral objection to such a party…ahhhhhhhhh, just kidding.

As I’m getting older and realizing my heart just ain’t what she used to be and I haven’t really been coming up with horrible, beyond Thunderdome-style over the top noms…but I have friends who have kept the faith. Six pounds of Bacon were purchased for Fat Tuesday, Bacon was wrapped around many things. I guess this is sort of a live blog type thing since Bacon-wrapped corn dogs are cooking in the oven and various other food items are being prepared as I type this. (I brought the whiskey, beer and Zebra Cakes, for the record.)

So, without further adieu…

I present to you with string cheese-filled cheddar brauts wrapped in Bacon

This is a closer shot of shit just getting waaaaaay too out of control.

Joseph Savage, Bacon attack artist…he created the cheese-filled, Bacon-wraped cheddar braut.

Other, non-Bacon items we had.

My perfectly stacked Zebra Cakes.

If you’re going to eat this much Bacon, you need something to thin your blood…we chose Canadian whiskey.

Molly’s strawberry & Nutella-filled croisants.

This is Blake putting Bacon on corn dogs…yeah, you read that correctly.

Blake added some butter to the caramelized Bacon.

Close up of the butter & caramelized Bacon.

Dorito crums for the Bacon-wrapped cheeseball. Boom.

Savage’s Bacon-wrapped cheese balls

Savage double Bacon-wrapped cheese balls

Blake enjoys her Bacon-wrapped corn dogs…perhaps too much.

At one point Savage asked a pertinent question, “Blake, how many strips of Bacon does it take to wrap a cheeseball?” Fuckin a, Savage, fuckin a.

Also, in weird hipster news, La Puttaneria resident Kat had her first PBR tonight. Woo!

This is your brain (and your arteries) on Hogs.

UPDATE: So many Bacon-wrapped items were cooked in the oven that a small grease fire started while we were cooking the double-sized cheese balls, our last item of the night. Everything turned out okay, though.

3 thoughts on “fat tuesday – bacon overload.”

  1. Crazy, but understood & loved for everyone involved & what it meant. Hells yeah, y’all.

    Also, I’m 27 now, so my word is that-is-just-slightly-over-the-twenties-relevance-hill-so-disregard-what-I-say-mostly.

    “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” – Party Monster


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