bacon & eggs playlist 4.6.11

Dum Dum Girls – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
NoFx – Bottles To The Ground
Camera Obscura – Swans
Vampire Weekend – Cousins
Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running
We Became Actors – I Feel Like This Summer Is Gonna Be One Long Hold Steady Song
Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy!
Alaska In Winter – Speedboat to Homelessness
Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues
Green Day – Longview
Blink-182 – Feeling This
Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
Magic Man – Darling
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Rascal King (live)
The Magnetic Fields – You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
Bad Religion – American Jesus
Bastard Hearse in London
Sunny Day Real Estate – Seven
Schaffer The Darklord – Arrival of the Fittest
U.S. Bombs – Jaks
Matisyahu – Jerusalem
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster (Ohio Players cover)
Beastie Boys – She’s Crafty
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – Come Undone
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Santa Mamba – Aroma
Daft Punk – Derezzed
Weezer – Hang On
Antennas Up – 5P4C35H1P
Antennas Up – Don’t Wait Up
The Budos Band – Unbroken Unshaven

This is your brain on Meretron & Hogs.

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