impress a woman with cooking.

PLAYBOY – “What advice can you give to a man who wants to impress a woman with his cooking?”

BOURDAIN – “Learn how to cook a fucking omelet. I mean, what nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast? You look good doing it, and it’s a nice thing to do for somebody you just had sex with. I think it’s good for the world. It’s a good thing all around. It’s easy. If you’re a screaming, fucking asshole a woman would regret sleeping with, then you will probably never be able to make an omelet. The way you make an omelet reveals your character.”

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library regulations.


Kansas State Agricultural College


The use of the Library is free:-
To all students in attendance at College.
To alumni of the College.
To persons officially connected with the College, and to members of their families.
Members of the third and fourth-year classes can have out but three, and other persons but one, book at a time, except by permission of the Librarian.
Books must not be kept out more than two weeks.
Anyone desiring a book that is drawn may record, in the Library, his name and the title of the book wanted, and he will be entitled to the book as soon as returned. If there is no application on record,
a book may be drawn by the person returning it.
Volumes marked “BOOK OF REFERENCE” cannot be drawn.
Books, when returned, are to be left on the Librarian’s desk.
All damage to books must be reported to the Librarian.

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bacon & eggs playlist 12.8.11 – the final countdown.

It’s my final show. I’m pretty upset about that, actually, so I’m going to play all the music I want with little regard to what anyone, including my beloved cohost DJ Dazed, wants to hear. If you don’t like it, go suck eggs.

Camera Obscura – If Looks Could Kill
Alaska in Winter – Speedboat to Heaven
Alaska in Winter – We Are Blind and Riding The Merry-Go-Round
Foo Fighters – Arlandria
Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Yeah, that’s right.)
Rancid – Fall Back Down
Ultimate Fakebook – Inside You, Inside Me
Ultimate Fakebook – Brokyn Needle
Free Energy – Bang Pop
R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe (for August)
Kristie Stremel & The 159ers – Unstoppable
Kristie Stremel & The 159ers – Best Kiss
Bad RoMeretron – “Bad Romance” (Ha!)
Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow
OK Go – This Too Shall Pass
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Bag of Hammers
Animal Collective – My Girls
Labretta Suede and the Motel Six – Itty Bitty
Camera Obscura – Swans
Camera Obscura – The Sweetest Thing
Alaska in Winter – Darvon Cocktail
Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again

This is your brain on DJ Dazed and (for the last time on air) Hogs.