budos band iii.

Sweet. The Budos Band is coming out with another record August 10th, 2010.

The Budos Band III Tracklisting:

1. Rite of the Ancients

2. Black Venom

3. River Serpentine

4. Unbroken, Unshaven

5. Nature’s Wrath

6. Golden Dunes

7. Budos Dirge

8. Raja Haje

9. Crimson Skies

10. Mark of the Unnamed

11. Reppirt Yad

You can download a free MP3 of “Unbroken, Unshaven”here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Budos Band summer tour.

This is your brain on Hogs…and Budos.

the world is going up in flames.

Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band lay it down on this track. Only available on 45rpm from Dunham Records (a subsidiary of Daptone Records) it’s worth picking up for sure.

I didn’t shoot this so I can’t take responsibility for the shakey camera work all over the Technics turntable and whatnot but it’s still a good song.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, it’s the end of the semester and things are getting hectic.

dap dippin’ with the menahan street band.

Featuring members from some other Daptone groups (like The Budos Band and Dap Kings) the Menahan Street Band is what some people might call, “awesome.” I am one of those people. I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a Daptone whore but frankly, I want as many people as possible to hear about the artists on Daptone because they are simply amazing. They do things the old way and I sort of feel like they’re keeping our musical past alive and producing some damn fine music while doing it. I wouldn’t keep bringing them up if they weren’t that damn good. If you want a good read, check out Soul Reviver an article from the New York Times.

For all you tech geeks out there, I’ve been drooling over the Palm Treo Pro for about a month now. It seems to be a more practical device than the iPhone and I kind of like the way it looks. I know that’s just a matter of opinion but it sure beats the Handspring Treo 270. (Remember when they were called Handspring?)

Camera Obscura’s new album, My Maudlin Career can be preordered here.

Stay tuned.

punk, funk, soul and rock n’ roll.

As I write this I’m watching Independence Day on TBS and drinking a Guinness. If Bill Pullman’s speech doesn’t get you ready to kick some ass, I don’t know what would. (Maybe this.)

If you can watch Black Moses play Theme from Shaft and not have to dance, I pity you.

My first job was washing dishes at the K-State Student Union. When I got my first paycheck I cashed it then went directly to Streetside Records and purchased two CDs: Isaac Hayes Shaft and Curtis Mayfield Superfly. When I ran into two friends on the way down the street, they asked what I got, I showed them and said, “You can’t be a punk if you ain’t got not funk.”

I like old music. I like old punk, I like old rap, I like old funk, I like old soul, I like old metal, I like old reggae. I have original pressing Ramones albums, the favorite album I own in any format is probably my LP copy of Toots and The Maytals Funky Kingston. That record can put a smile on anyone’s face after the crappiest of days. Pretty much anything current I’m into sounds old (Camera Obscura, por ejemplo.) Anything with a Daptone label on it, especially Binky Griptite and the Melomatics and The Budos Band.

I like to buy music on vinyl, I like having a physical connection to the music. I’ve downloaded a few albums off of iTunes but what do you get? You don’t get an album cover, you don’t get liner notes, you don’t get pictures or little freebies included (like stickers, guitar picks, postcards, afro picks or decoder rings.) Why would anyone want just an MP3? MP3s aren’t art, you can’t hang them on your wall, you can’t smell them, you can’t feel them you can’t open them. I understand that the music is the most important thing, of course but that’s only part of the experience.

For those of you lucky enough to be in the MHK tomorrow, I’ll be at Maes starting around nine. Happy Fake Patrick’s Day to all of you.

I leave you tonight with the irrepressible Sharon Jones and the baddest band in the land, the Dap Kings. What if we all stopped paying taxes?

today’s specials.

Totally random post title but does anyone remember the Today’s Special TV show from Nickelodeon in the 80s? No? I thought not. Moving on…

While searching for bacon-related sound bytes for liners I discovered a blog that has more center cut bacony goodness than this site could ever hope to have. Royal Bacon Society. I’m quite surprised neither I, nor any of my Camp Bacon cohorts discovered it sooner. Much like density popped George McFly to Lorraine Bates in Back to the Future (1.21 gigawatts!) it was this post and google that popped me to the Royal Bacon Society. I haven’t had a chance to fully explore the site but I’m sure when I’ve got time away from studying Spanish, I’ll give it the once over. Aside from my favorite bacon-related quote of all time, “butter that bacon,” I found a new one which I had not heard before, which is “Mmmm. Move over, eggs. Bacon just got a new best friend – fudge.” Classic.

If anyone listened to the show today we cut out twice. Once was because the engineers were working on fixing something and once was because I played Juliana Hatfield’s “Spin the Bottle” but forgot about the line, “she is such a sucker, he don’t wanna fuck her.” I managed to cut the CD player for a second just in time to avoid an FCC violation. Oops. Really good song, though. I heart Juliana Hatfield.

My Bhopal Stiffs CD came yesterday so I played “Bottle It Up,” the first song on their 1985-1989 compilation. It’s good, good stuff. In a related note, I also played some Pegboy. For the Camp Bacon crew, and also Evan Reser, I played a little Sonseed with “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine” but I couldn’t play the Jesus/Flea Market mashup because we’re not able to play from the computer right now (that’s what the engineers were working on.) That ability should be back next week and I plan on hitting you all with some extra fun stuff, including She and Him.

I discovered today that my favorite soul label, Daptone Records had their studio broken and a bunch of equipment was stolen. Not only should you check their site out and buy stuff (because it’s all pretty much awesome) but, if you feel inclined, you should buy a drink for Daptone and donate to help them buy mics, preamps, etc. Or don’t, whatever. If you want my personal recommendation, you can never go wrong with the smooth automatic soul of Binky Griptite & The Mellomatics.

That’s all I’ve got for now, time for radio class. Stay tuned.