dean’s dream.

I had a dream last night and I actually remembered it, which is odd since normally I don’t. It may have been the four or five tequila shots Adam & Bri bought me. Ah, well…

In my dream I was doing a radio show with Luke Wempe and some new girl who sucked and said “god dammit” on the air (in the middle of a news report) and then freaked out and ran away. The studio was in this weird bunker thing and all the equipment was old and falling apart. (I think it was a slightly altered version of the McCain studios but who can be sure?) After the radio show I hung out on the ratty couches and old arm chairs in the radio lounge for a little bit, then headed to the bar.

I left the bar at 2AM and I was walking home. As I was walking I saw the batmobile (the cool, Michael Keaton batmobile) so I call Adam to tell him and he thinks I’m lying until I hold my phone up so he can hear the jet engine, which confirms to him that I am, in fact, standing in front of the batmobile.

I keep walking and on my street, between parked SUVs are a bunch of people putting Batman stuff into boxes, as though they were street vendors. It was like a cross between a Batman-only comic book convention and a farmer’s market…except more pretentious. I walk up to the first guy and ask him what he’s doing, he says that they had a Batman convention (in the middle of the street?) but the cops told them they needed to move because they needed the spaces for parking. I asked him about the Batmobile and he says that he built it with his brother, I ask him if I can check it out and he says no.

I head over to Jimbo’s weird basement apartment for an after hours and his weird basement apartment has a large weird screened in porch that’s actually upstairs (it should be noted that, in real life, Jimbo lives no where near my street and has a house which does not have a screened in porch.) I go downstairs to say hi to everyone and then go back to the porch where a bunch of people (Chaad, Tim, Holly, etc) are sitting around shooting the shit. Then we see the batcycle go by and they all decide to run down the street and chase it. That’s when the dream ends.

Strange. I still can’t figure out when I last had exposure to Batman, which would have led to this dream but it’s probably best not to think about it too much.