link hopping.

I read webcomics. Mostly I just read webcomic, singular, Questionable Content but, because they’ve been linked by QC I have, on occasion, read other comics. Today I was reading the excellent comic Cat and Girl and it seems that the artist, Dorothy, is also in a band called The Basement Apartments out of Tucson, AZ. I dig their sound and they seem like they’re probably a good time live. In fifteen minutes of listening, Going to a Party with Dracula is probably my favorite song.

So, I’m checking out the Basement Apartments’ MySpace page, looking at the CD information, which leads to bass player/singer Billups Allen’s webpage and it turns out he has a radio show called Groove Tomb on Tucson’s KXCI 91.3 as well as a comic called Cramhole which is a great title, frankly and would probably have been a better name for this site if I had thought of it first. He made a blog post entitled Ramones Mix Tape which is a must-read for any Ramones fan. In the post, Billups discusses the lesser-appreciated Ramones albums.

This is why people call it a “world wide web” or used to, I guess. (Hey, at least I know it’s not a series of tubes.) I can get from Questionable Content to a blog about “Too Tough To Die” in just a hop, skip and a blowjob. (Just like getting from Whoresville to Slut City, right Jamie? Sorry, loyal readers, inside joke alert.)

Here’s the Basement Apartments video for Teen Planet. Stay tuned.
The Basement Apartments: Teen Planet from Wiggly Piggly on Vimeo.