i’m buying babies like angelina jolie.

Two days ago about this time, I was standing in the Off Broadway in St. Louis, Missouri a few minutes away from Camera Obscura taking the stage. That show will get it’s own entire post, but now I’m posting a bunch of random stuff that’s been kicking around my inbox and my brain lately.

After my Philosophy of Feminism class today, a bunch of us were standing around talking and the following video was mentioned. There are no words in the English language to describe this so I’ll simply post it and let you watch…in horror. It’s almost likeJesus is a Friend of Mineexcept without the catchy music, sweet outfits or positive messages.

Now that you’re looking for something to get that taste out of your mouth, I’ll give you this.

I don’t really have any words for that, either. It pretty much speaks for itself and what it says is all very, very bad. (What the fuck is up with the person in the pig suit? And why were they choking that girl? Seriously? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?) I discovered that horrific waste of digital video through a very amusing site,Your Scene Sucks, which I’m sure has been linked up and down teh interwebs but, on the off chance that you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d post it. Big ups to my friend Neil for telling me about that site. (In case you’re wondering, I fit somewhere betweenIndie JesusandOrgcore Punkerexcept I dress better.) I think, since as of tomorrow I’ll be unemployed, it may be time to start growing an epic beard.

Okay, enough craptacular music, now on to the good stuff.

They Shoot Music, Don’t They?recently caught up with Camera Obscura (or, at least, Tracyanne, Kenny & Tim) and filmed two brilliant liveperformancesofFrench Navyand, my current favorite,Honey In The Sun. Pure awesomesauce.

I posted something on my Facebook page about wanting more Scottish pop music (basically today it’s been all Camera Obscura, The Vaselines, Belle and Sebastian and The Fratellis) and a friend suggested I check outStrawberry Switchbladeso I did and was quite impressed. Very synthy, very 80’s…but then again, so is some New Order and that’s not a bad thing.

Interestingly enough that Fratellis song posted above was apparently featured in an iPod commercial as was the Chairlift song from a few posts ago. I learned that after the fact in both cases as I don’t have cable, so I don’t usually see commercials. Weird.

Camera Obscura’s4ADlabelmateSt. Vincent(Annie Clark) is just pretty god damn amazing…aaaaaaand she’ll be playing theBottleneckin Lawrence, Kansas on February 15th, 2010. An early birthday present to myself, I think. See you there?

Does anyone remember the old MTV commercials where Toby Huss pretended to be Frank Sinatra and sang current songs of the day? They were quite amusing and someone has put them on YouTube.


I know a lot of you have probably seen CB4, the amusing mockumentary starringChris RockandPhil Hartman(R.I.P.) There is a lesser-known rap mockumentary called Fear of a Black Hat that is equally, if not more, amusing.

The Papercutsopened for Camera Obscura and they were very good. I’ll be posting a full review of their album You Can Have What You Want later this month.

Tori Amoswill be streaming a live concert on Facebook Friday, December 11th. You can learn more about that here.

Finally, coming to us fromemilymphocyte‘s wonderful site is Marina and the Diamonds, which is really the stage name for Marina Diamandis and other assorted collaborators. If you can’t place the accent, don’t worry, she’s Welsh. Most of you probably have no idea where Wales is.

I love this song because it’s catchy as hell and true. I’d much rather live in Wales than America most days. Our “culture” is shite.

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of mountains & relationship ninjas, they both just sneak up on you.

My friend Jamie has been telling me I need to check out all these bands with “mountain” in the name. Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops, the bands are related as many of the same members participate in each band…I’m sort of unsure why they wouldn’t just have one band or what the difference is between pink and black, but I digress. Good music, to be sure.

I’ve been listening to Slacker Radioat work, lately, because I can get to the site through the content filter and because I can get it on my Droid for when I’m on the go. The great thing about Slacker is that I can start a station based on a band or a song and it plays similar stuff. This is sort of the same as Pandora, I’m told, but I haven’t really played around with Pandora too much. I’ve discovered stuff from bands like Devotchka, Iron and Wine, Chairlift, Stars, The Knife and Jens Lekman, whose song “Black Cab” I am currently obsessed with.

Slacker has also helped me rediscover bands I used to listen to like The Innocence Mission and Bright Eyes.

Today I got a bunch of books at the local used bookstore, The Dusty Bookshelf, known colloquially as The Dusty B. I picked up Tom Robbins’ Still Life With Woodpecker and some Sherman Alexie who is always worth a read. He’ll be on The Colbert Report the same day I’ll be watching Camera Obscura, December 1st.

Finally, through the magic of Blip.fm I have discovered many new (and old) artists to listen to as well as www.emilymphocyte.com/, the website of Blip DJ emilymphocyte. Lots of good stuff there, to be sure.

And that’s that for the evening. I’m going to go to my favorite local watering hole with friends who are leaving town next week. (Boo sauce.)

I leave you with this wonderful video from Chairlift and another wonderful video from The Shins, which reminds me of Kodachrome film. Not exactly sure why.

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