bacon in the afternoon playlist 5.7.09

Beastie Boys – Funky Boss
Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump
(Double shot, motherfuckers!)
Dropkick Murphys – We Got The Power
The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
Man Is Doomed – Take Off Your Pants and Dance
Blink-182 – Mother’s Day
Cat Power – Speak For Me
Sage Francis – Buzz Kill (Yeah, I play it every week but it’s so damn good.)
M. Ward (featuring Zooey Deshcanel) – Never Had Nobody Like You
Weezer – The Good Life
Ben Harper – Burn One Down
Ben Folds Five – Army
(Double shot of Ben, suck it!)
Belle and Sebastian – Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Jonathan – Secret Rocketship (local)
Ultimate Fakebook – She Don’t Even Know My Name (local)
Beruit – My Night With The Prostitute
Mastadon – Oblivion
Kings of Leon – Sex On Fire
Animal Collective – My Girls
Green Day – Walking Contradiction
R.E.M. – Daysleeper

Also, almost former KSDB station director Loren Seeger has a new blog about “stuff that [she] like[s]…hip hop, basketball, feminism, cool art stuff.” It’s calledmake it reign. I insist you check it out. Do it, do it now! (Mad props to Ms. Seeger on graduating with her Masters in a week. Woot!)

i’m the rhyme janitor sprinkling wack mcs with my saw dust pile.

So, it was a wonderful grey day in Manhattan today. Ben Folds played last night but I didn’t go because I was going to listen to a live Camera Obscura show on Sirius but I ended up getting home too late and spent too much time fumbling with the Sirius trial membership and downloading plug ins to actually listen. (That’s some boo roux…not just boo sauce.) I had a free ticket to Ben Folds offered to me but I still don’t think I would have gone. Hate on me all you want, I just don’t like Ben Folds that much.

When I got to the studio today the program that controls our on broadcast was all fucked up so I had to switch to our backup, which was not playing modern rock, apparently, and restart the system. That was pretty sweet (sarcasm) and took about 45 minutes. Then I kicked off the start of my shortened “show” with some dead air because the cassette I was using for Black Flag allowed me to preview the track but didn’t let me broadcast. Good times. (More sarcasm.)

So, yet again the Depression’s Got A Hold On Me show is delayed for at least a week but after I fixed the system, the show went on but I didn’t feel like talking much. Though, as usual there were DJs and staff hanging out so I got to see four time award-winning broadcaster Andy Glazier, station director Loren Seeger (please, Chicago non-profits, give her a job!), Scott and my friends Adam and Lindsay came to kick it in the Stu G.O. so today wasn’t a total loss, I suppose but the show kinda sucked, anyway. (Oh, and if you liked Peacey P, you can see more of him here…seriously, if you’re not down with homestarrunner.comby now, what the hell is wrong with you?

Got some badass links for y’all today and I’m surprised I’ve never found them before. The first is which is just chock full of (notes*) music awesomeness and, linked from that is Interface which has live performances from some great artists (Billy Brag, Neko Case, The Budos Band, etc) and you can subscribe to their video podcastfor more content and interviews. They also have new releasesyou can listen to…and all of this from AOL, who knew?

As seen on Facebook, you can text AMOSFAN to 66937 and get “text updates, exclusive content, tour info and contests” from Tori Amos. You’re only billed for messaging charges, nothing extra. You can also sign up for her newsletter here.

Aforementioned station director Loren Seeger shared some Shaolin Soul with me before and I, in turn, shared it with you. She has again come through with 5th Chamber. All sorts of hip-hop goodies there, some downloads and fun videos, such as thiswhich I had seen before but which is still hilarious. (Mostly because I find Lil’ Jon hilarious.)

As I write this the sky has gotten even more grey and it has started to rain but good news (at least for me) is that I’m about to go hang out with the aforementioned Adam and Lindsay and rip vinyl to MP3s so I can listen to my records in my car. (That’s the second time I’ved used the word “aforementioned” in this post…weird.)

Strange Famous Records has reissued Mac Lethal available. If I weren’t broke as a joke, I would pick these up.

On this grey, rainy day, I leave you with a picture a friend of mine sent me and two videos which should help you fight depression…or something. I’m off to get beer and listen to music.


*That was for Steph.

more free music.

My friend Naomi made a comment that she likes free music and it reminded me about all the places I get free, legal downloads online so I figured I’d share more with you. First, Sage Francis’ Strange Famous Records website where they have many rotating free samplers, albums, etc. so check the MP3 Downloads section often. Currently Buddy Peace “Holy Chome” is available.

If you’re looking for interesting stuff to listen to, the Daptone Jukebox is always available. Through the Jukebox I found a pretty sweet blog, Voodoo Funk, which I’m obsessing over currently. Frank, from Voodoo Funk recently played with The Budos Band at Union Pool in Brooklyn. I have a few friends who may have gone to that show and I’m quite jealous if they went.

The archives of the Greasy Kids Stuff radio show are available online and though it’s a kids show, it’s a really good kids show that everyone can enjoy. The ever-awesome Little Boots has a free mixtape download on her site right now. One of my favorite magazines, Filter has a lot of media available here.

I leave you with Little Boots and her Tenori-on.

Stay tuned.

EDIT: Late addition, I found DatPiff buried in my links. If you’re into rap/hip-hop mix tapes, this looks like a pretty good place to start. Big ups to KSDB station director Loren Seeger for originally posting this link on Facebook. Hope you’re enjoying NYC, girl.