the adventures of pete and pete soundtrack.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was my favorite show growing up (still is) and one of the things that made it great was the music featured on the show. From the Polaris theme song to the interludes and songs played over the end credits, it was all top notch. Pete and Pete is the reason I discovered every group associated with Stephin Merritt and The Apples In Stereo as well as a host of other bands.

The wonderful soundtrack by Polaris, the Pete and Pete house band, is awesome and it is my opinion that everyone should own it. And, while Polaris was the house band, and their soundtrack is most important, there exists no collection of the other groups which contributed music to The Adventures of Pete and Pete…until now. Using the information available from Jeremy over at The Website of Pete and Pete I was able to cobble together a makeshift soundtrack using my playlist.


This is your brain on Hogs.


That’s the title of a song by Polaris who, if anyone remembers, was the band from the greatest television program ever, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. They were, in fact, three of the four members of Miracle Legion. Their lead singer (both Polaris and Miracle Legion) is Mark Mulcahy who is still producing music and touring and whatnot so check him out if you have the inclination. Now, that’s what I call digression. I never intended to talk about any of that but, based one the title of the post (which is usually just a random deal, anyway) I managed to go on and on for a paragraph…and I’m still doing it.

So, now that that’s out of the way, what I really wanted to talk about was some station goings on. This past Saturday the KSDB crew was in full effect at Aggieville’s Fake Patty’s Day celebration giving out t-shirts, mugs, coozies, pens and good vibes. People love free shit, especially people drunk on green beer. An enjoyable time was had by all and some people even made out in broom closets and got caught by bar owners (but I’m not mentioning any names.)

In other news, pizza is awesome.

NPR has a SXSW sampler available for download and Juliana Hatfield has several songs available for download. Both are free.

Right now I’m listening to Tilt’s Til It Kills on vinyl and loving every minute of it. Tilt was such a good band and if you’re not familiar with them you should become familiar with them. Do it. Do it now.

91.9’s Urban Department has a Facebook Group you should join. (Man, I’m really into telling people what to do today.)

I’m going to try and start posting playlists from my shows each week…first I have to remember to write down what I play, though.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.