HOPE: an observation.

This is just a quick B.S. post before I head off to my Fiction Into Film class.

I like Obama. I’m glad he’s our president and I like a lot (but not all) of the things he’s doing. I don’t believe he’s trying to take our guns away, despite what the right wing fear mongers would have you believe but that’s besides the point.


The HOPE poster Shepard Fairey created for the Obama ’08 campaign is amazing and it moved almost instantly into the realm of iconic…however, the trend of people who have been Photoshopping pictures of themselves in the style of the HOPE poster for their Facebook profile pictures has got to stop.

Okay, we get it, the poster was cool but frankly, the election was last fucking year, Obama is the president now, get over it and do something original (like using a picture of yourself in a foam block pit from your son’s 3rd birthday party…now that’s original.) Besides, most of them look like shit because either these people can’t figure out how to use Adobe Photoshop or, because they can’t use Photoshop they made them in MS Paint.


You hear me, people? Stop it, just stop it now. It’s already jumped the shark, move on to something else. Once someone made the JOKE version with Heath Ledger everything else was instant lame sauce. You cannot top that because that is sublime.