st. vincent – the bottleneck – lawrence, ks

Oh, boy. I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while and I was not disappointed. Annie Clark & Co. put on a hell of a show. Apparently, her older sister attended KU. Weird.

Set list:
The Strangers
Save Me From What I Want
Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood
Actor Out Of Work
Jesus Saves, I Spend
Just The Same But Brand New
The Bed
These Days (Jackson Browne…Nico, of the Velvet Underground also covered this song)
Black Rainbow
The Party

Dig A Pony (Beatles)
Your Lips Are Red

It was an amazing set, the light show was intriguing without being overpowering (even though there was a lazer at one point) and it added to the experience, rather than distracting from the music.

Listening to St. Vincent records is great but seeing St. Vincent live is something anyone who enjoys her music should do, in my opinion. Even if you’re only sort of a fan, the live show will convert you, non-believer. The power and the presence of the live show change how one hears the music.

For example, I love the song Marrow but the live version of the song St. Vincent performed last night was full-on one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. And the best part is, it’s fleeting. I will never hear it again, it was that moment at that place for that specific intersection of everything. Even if I heard a recording or saw a video of it later, it wouldn’t be the same.

That said, watching her perform Marrow live on video is still pretty badass.

The opening band,Wildbirds & Peacedrums, for whom I do not have a setlist were incredible. Drums, percussion and steel drums along with singer Mariam Wallentin’s wonderful vocals combined to produce an incredible sonic atmosphere which, live, was completely overwhelming and amazing. The fabulousness of St. Vincent aside, if they are playing in your area, go see them. They are Swedish and may not be back to the states for a while.

On a side note, this is pretty much what you’ll get from “concert reviews” from Bacon Is My Anti-Drug. When I go to shows, I’m there to enjoy the music so I’m not taking down copious notes or furiously making observations, I’m simply enjoying the music. Anything I post here afterward is merely what I remember and feel like mentioning.

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