best week ever? um, no, holden mcneil.

It’s been kind of a fucked up week…quite uneven. I’ve been sick as hell, Camera Obscura’s new record My Maudlin Career started streaming a week before it’s release date on Monday night, which was awesome. I’ve been listening to it pretty much constantly since then. I got an e-mail today from 4AD, Camera Obscrua’s record label, that there was something amiss with the vinyl mastering so the pressings were delayed and would be shipped late. Kind of a bummer except that they e-mailed me a digital copy of the album so I actually get it early. Nice!

I probably failed a Spanish exam earlier today which sucks but I had a fairly good show though the weather was too nice and I was in too good a mood, despite failing el examen de espanol. Played some stuff of the depression playlist but I just don’t see myself doing the show now. As we approachTake Back The Nightkeep an ear out for the Uppity Women show I’ve been planning for a while.

Last night: Pittsburgh 4 – Philadelphia 1. Wooooo! I love the playoffs.

Here’s a few things before I go.

She & Him 7″

Beatminerz Radio

Music Loving Babies?
Personally, I had my son listening to The Ramones in utero and to this day he loves them, along with the Sex Pistols, the Clash, The Stray Cats and all manner of other music. He has an original pressing copy of Rocket to Russia waiting for him on his 18th birthday. I remember when he was a tiny, tiny baby and I used to hold him and dance to that album and he would fall asleep on my shoulder.

And now, Velocity Girl.

link hopping.

I read webcomics. Mostly I just read webcomic, singular, Questionable Content but, because they’ve been linked by QC I have, on occasion, read other comics. Today I was reading the excellent comic Cat and Girl and it seems that the artist, Dorothy, is also in a band called The Basement Apartments out of Tucson, AZ. I dig their sound and they seem like they’re probably a good time live. In fifteen minutes of listening, Going to a Party with Dracula is probably my favorite song.

So, I’m checking out the Basement Apartments’ MySpace page, looking at the CD information, which leads to bass player/singer Billups Allen’s webpage and it turns out he has a radio show called Groove Tomb on Tucson’s KXCI 91.3 as well as a comic called Cramhole which is a great title, frankly and would probably have been a better name for this site if I had thought of it first. He made a blog post entitled Ramones Mix Tape which is a must-read for any Ramones fan. In the post, Billups discusses the lesser-appreciated Ramones albums.

This is why people call it a “world wide web” or used to, I guess. (Hey, at least I know it’s not a series of tubes.) I can get from Questionable Content to a blog about “Too Tough To Die” in just a hop, skip and a blowjob. (Just like getting from Whoresville to Slut City, right Jamie? Sorry, loyal readers, inside joke alert.)

Here’s the Basement Apartments video for Teen Planet. Stay tuned.
The Basement Apartments: Teen Planet from Wiggly Piggly on Vimeo.